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How could you not have missed Star Wars: The Clone Wars releases last week, the ‘accidental’ Star Wars film only existing as George Lucas loved test footage from the TV show so much. Those magic people at LEGO have launch of a new range of vehicles and lego mini-figures based on scenes and characters from this new Star Wars film.

The attack vehicle of choice for General Grievous? elipersonal bodyguard, the MagnaGuard Starfighter (?39.99) is a formidable vessel. Heavily armed with deadly flick-firing missiles, the ship includes an opening cockpit and engine compartments, fold-down rear hull and two all-new MagnaGuard droid minifigures.

Battle the Separatist forces with the Republic?s V-19 Torrent (?49.99) and join the clone pilot in a deadly deep-space battle. With a geared wing and landing gear system that can automatically switch between landing and flying mode, the V-19 also includes flick missiles, opening cockpit and all-new clone trooper pilot minifigure.

An intimidating armoured assault vehicle, the AT-TE Walker (?69.99) dominates the battlefield. With articulated legs for propulsion, the AT-TE also features LEGO Technic firing missiles function and opening hatches that reveal the detailed cabin and crew bay. Providing the perfect armoured hide-out for Anakin and his padawan learner Ahsoka, as featured in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, the set also includes six new mini-figures, including clone trooper, battle droid on STAP, Captain Rex, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka.

A rugged, combat-equipped repulsorcraft, the Republic Attack Gunship (?79.99) rains down blistering barrages of laser and rocket retribution against the droid forces of the Separatists. Offering air-to-ground and air-to-air support as well as serving as an infantry transport, the winged gunship is heavily armed with flick missiles and also includes a separate speeder bike concealed within its hull.

Multi-use compartments, flip-open cockpits and opening side doors conceal 5 mini-figures: new versions of Commander Cody, clone trooper and Obi-Wan Kenobi, alongside Jedi Knight Plo Koon and the villainous Asajj Ventress, a Sith Lord equipped with a double lightsaber. BUY HERE NOW
LEGO? Star Wars? is available from all good toy shops nationwide from August 2008. For further information head to

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