Star Wars Lego – On Your Mobile Phone




Use the force to find and rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. The battle against the dark side returns to mobile! Text LSW 2 to 88188.

With a comical take on the Star Wars Trilogy that revolutionized pop culture forever, LEGO Star Wars II includes even more of the family-friendly LEGO action, puzzles and humour that earned the original LEGO Star Wars such popularity and acclaim.

  • Take on the role of Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and Princess Leia as they battle in a undercover rescue mission to find her.
  • Wield your Lightsaber against battle droids, droid commanders and droidekas.
  • Use your mastery of the Force to move LEGO objects and build new pathways as you explore the ship.
  • Use the force to move Lego blocks to be used as weapons.
  • 18 levels over 4 separate missions.
  • Automatically adjusting difficulty levels.
  • Featuring classic music from the original films.

To buy LEGO Star Wars 2 for your mobile – text LSW 2 to 88188 (standard text rates apply – UK only).

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