Want to be a Jedi? Want to fight on both sides of the force? Want to do lightsabre fights, use the force to electrocute/push/lift your enemies? Well thats OK as you can do it all in this game.
Star Wars Revenge of The Sith is definitely the game of the film. That means you get to follow the plot of the movie as either Anakin or Obi Wan. The game follows the movie too tightly, there is no real room for adventure, exploration or problem solving. This game is all about disposing of your enemies in what ever way works whilst traveling from left of screen to right. You are guided through every level and there is as much game play as 80s titles such as ‘Double Dragon’.
The fighting is intense and very well rendered actuall music, sound effects and voices have been lifted from the film, aswell as full motion sections from the film.

The biggest problem I had is the tightness to the plot ?some key plot elements are revealed ?and although this is all in the public domain by now (with internet chat rooms / novelisations / comic books etc) personally the way I wish to be exposed to the plot and the way I wanted to find out who killed Mace Windu is via the film itself. Due to this I was put off by one level and skipped as much as the video / story as possible (which makes very little difference to the game play) and went on to enjoy the mindless violence.

It must be said that the fighting is the point if the game and, although it doesn’t float everyones boat, does make for an enjoyable game. I was hoping for a more involved game ?along the lines of the Jedi Knight games but as this is a film tie in there wasn’t much hope of this. Another route I would have liked this game to take would have a mixture of lightsabre fights, flight simulator and other genres that are covered by other section of the film. I am sure that there will be a space based shoot em up to follow.

In summery I am a little disappointed as although the fights are quite cool there is not the variety in game play that I hoped for. Nice to look at OK to play ?but don’t expect the appeal to last past a couple of weeks.]]>

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