Star Wars: Empire: The Imperial Perspective v. 3 (Star Wars S.)
Welles Hartley, Jeremy Barlow, Paul Alden, Ron Marz
Paperback 144 pages (November 26, 2004)
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 1840239336

Tie-in comics strike back. Again. Four stories from Dark Horse? regular series focusing upon the Star Wars Universe of the classic movies time period. The catch here is that they are all told from the perspective of the bad guys.

Two stories, The Savage Heart and Target: Vader, focus upon Darth Vader himself. The first explains exactly what happened after he almost got shot down by Han-Solo at the end of Episode Four, whilst the second deals with him as a target for assignation from the relatives of some of his many hundred victims. To the Last Man deals with Imperial troops being hunted on a jungle world by bit part characters form Jabba? palace. What Sin Loyalty was my favourite, dealing with a clones misplaced hero worship of his commander. Art on all of these stories is of a high standard, with a talented set or artists through the run

Dark Horse are undoubtedly have a good history of this kind of thing, I loved the Dark Empire trilogy. Here I? not so sure. I? sure a lot of fans will get off on seeing Vader in action, and the other central characters are fleshed out enough to provide some narrative hook. The central theme of ?re the baddies really good? or ?re the goodies really bad??is ok, but at times a bit forced down the reader? throat.

I don? know what failed to inspire me in most of the stories, perhaps none of them really had the length to do their subject material justice. Like a lot of tie-in media, it suffers from constant references to the source, often in glaringly obvious fan-pleasing quotes. At time? it? like reading a message board on, where legions of fan-boys compete to get in as many quotes as possible into their posts.

As someone who has consumed more than a fair amount of Star Wars ?U?media, I may have suffered from overkill. And with Episode 3 around the corner, it? not going to get any easier. Much of that, like this, will probably only appeal to hardcore fans. ]]>

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