Thanks to confirmation on various websites all over the internet over the past few days, we can reveal the changes George Lucas has made to Episodes IV, V and VI:

A New Hope:

Removal of Matte Lines- the film overall looks better, for example, the area under Luke’s speeder is now perfect.

The CG shots of the speeder entering Mos Eisley have been redone.

Greedo still shoots first- BUT Han’s return shot is a fraction of a second after the Rodian’s and the Pirates reaction is less jerky.

New CGI Jabba model, so much better than the 1997 SE version.

Lightsabres re done to match Episodes I and II.

The Empire Strikes Back:

Ian McDiarmid now plays the Emperor in the short hologram scene- both his and Vader’s dialouge has changed- seemingly to reflect events in Revenge Of The Sith.

Lightsabres fixed

Tameura Morrison (Jango Fett in Attack Of The Clones) voices Boba Fett

Luke no longer screams following his leap into the bowels of Cloud City.

Return Of The Jedi:

Again, sabres fixed.

Racor looks better, Matte lines removed.

When Vader’s helmet is removed, he is still played by Sebastian Shaw, although his eyebrows have been removed (to better match burns victims) and his eyes have been recoloured to match Hayden Christensen’s (Anakin in Eps II and III)

The celebration at the end includes a revised shot of Imperial throne world Coruscant (including the Jedi council tower) and a new shot of Naboo.

In the final line up of ‘Jedi Ghosts’ Anakin is now played by Hayden Christensen rather than Sebastian Shaw. Lucas explains why this change has occured on the commentary track.

Doubless that is only the more noticable changes (Lucas will have retouched EVERYTHING). I for one think the changes are great. More on the Star Wars discs later in the month.

– Liam O’Brien. . ]]>

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