Star Wars: Clone Wars Light Sabre Duels: Nintendo wii Review


Star Wars: Clone Wars Light Sabre Duels: Nintendo wii  Pack Shot


This is the game I was waiting for, the one that I actually NEEDED ever since I heard about the motion sensing wii remote, a fantastic LightSabre game where I can jump around the living room like a ninny swishing around the piece of electronic packed white plastic killing Sith (and Jedi if I was in that kind of mood).

Well I got the game and did it (hurting my shoulder in the process, just be a little wary about getting carried away kids). And I am now a master Jedi.

The game itself is cool, the idea is basic, (it is a 2 player fighting game using Lightsabres and force powers) and the game play is involving but it is best played with a friend I feel as it definitely adds to the experience.

Unfortunately (for me) it is just a duel game, following the characters and locations features in the Star Wars Clone Wars movie. I would have wanted a little bit more that the linear narrative. A grand theft auto style game, ru

nning around using the nunchuck, whilst lightsabre in the other hand (switchable for a blaster) would have made this game more to my liking. But the 2 person battle game has a rich history and this will still appeal to many past its initial novelty value.

A couple of problems I was having though, these were to do with the controllers.

I was using the wrist strap ? THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Otherwise your remote will be sailing through the window glass or smashing your mums best vase.

I was also using the silicone grip, which the remote sis start to slip through when swung a little too violently. I also had a habbit of hitting the home button on the wii remote, but this may be due to the fact I am all thumbs and didn’t have enough play time.

The last thing to do with the controllers is that I would have preferred a wireless nunchuck, possibly due to my over activity with the controllers, but the nunchuck cable didn’t seem quite long enough and kept flailing about.

You will probably avoid all these problems though by playing in a sensible manner and not getting too excited.

Overall If you love Star Wars and have wasted many hours playing Tekken 2 on the PSX (or whatever it is the kids are playing now a days) you will love this game.

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