Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation
Written by Scott and David Lipton with Tony Lee
Illustrated by J K Woodward
Published by IDW
This new monthly comic book serial from IDW pitches together two of TV’s most iconic universes, and in doing so threatens to raise the hackles of both fans of ST:TNG and Doctor Who.
Issue 1 opens on the planet Delta IV, which suddenly finds itself under attack by the Borg. However, the Federation’s most feared enemy are not alone, as a battalion of Cybermen have joined in the melee. The crew of the Enterprise are ordered to investigate, while in a tangential universe, the Doctor, Amy and Rory have a seemingly unconnected encounter of their own.
This opening issue seems a massive anticlimax after all the hype. Yes, Picard and the Doctor are within the same covers, but the two teams do not meet, and the Borg/Cybermen team up gets short shrift. However, issue 2 moves the plot on, and ends with the Doctor piloting the Tardis into the middle of a new Dixon Hill holodeck simulation.
It remains to be seen if the ongoing story will be compelling enough to have brought these two franchises together, and the first two issues have little integration to judge the good sense or otherwise of the crossover (though the Doctor does manage to put Data’s back up).
However, Woodward’s visual style deserves a shout out, with an almost photorealistic treatment of these so familiar characters, which helps to imagine Assimilation as a lost episode of either series.
Who knows where the story might go, and the prospect of The Doctor up against, say, Q is one to relish. So let’s hope there is more to this series than currently meets the eye, and if IDW want to start another cross-pollination, can we please have the Doctor fighting side by side with Blake?

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