Spooky Goings On, Most Haunted 9 On DVD



I must admit I have been a fan of Most Haunted since Most Haunted Live One At Dudly Castle in 2001(?)

Renowned ghost hunters Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie are joined by their fearless team of ghost busters including psychic David Wells and paranormal investigator Ciaran O?eefe investigating the most spooky phenomena yet in more than 16 hours of spooky footage.

MOST HAUNTED SERIES 9 Joins us on DVD on the 28 April 2008. 5 glorious discs of supernatural uncut frights

Key locations in this set include

  • Alton Towers– have you seen the spectral lady in black? Or felt a cold chill on the Hex ride?
  • Stockport Workhouse– will Yvette uncover any ghostly phenomena in the old hospital?
  • Tatton Old Hall, a 15th century farmhouse where a mischievous presence has been reported! (with guest (or should that be Ghost) investigator Carol Thatcher
  • Transylvania Yvette and her team including David Wells the team Psychic and paranormal investigator Ciar?O?eeffe venture abroad to eerie in an attempt to contact ?lad the Impaler? thought to be the inspiration behind Dracula…. The team investigate paranormal
    activity in a medieval well even uncovering human remains. Will Karl ever be the same after being trapped with an unknown skeleton?

All this and more Nore you ready to discover what? out there?….

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