Spiderman, Star Trek and SG1 Head This Weeks UK Freeview Scifi Viewing


The weekend starts here! So without ado we’ve got our pick of the freeview channels science fiction offerings for the weekend ahead! Get your popcorn at the ready guys!

Friday 6th September 2013

Friday kicks off bright and early on Pick TV with Star Trek: Enterprise and Stargate SG1 at 7pm and 8pm respectively. Then 5* offers up Spiderman 3, alongside M Night Shyamalan’s scifi horror The Happening on More4, both at 9pm.

Treat of the evening is The Tempest (2010) on BBC2 at 11pm – all star cast in this classic Shakespearean fantasy with Helen Mirren at the centre of a gender twist; and including small parts for Alan Cumming and Russell Brand.

Saturday 7th September 2013

Its Wolfbound Catch up weekend on the CBBC channel, with series one episodes one to seven being shown from 10am to 2.55pm Saturday, and the remaining episodes 8-13 shown on Sunday from 11.35am to 4.30pm. Aiming to spend your weekend on the sofa doesn’t get much better than this, definitely *not* ‘childrens tv’. Series two starts on CBBC next week. Its worth following the shows writing team on twitter, as they have been known to live tweet along

Classic cgi heritage shows up on Challenge at 11.30am. Perfect post friday night viewing, whilst you get yourself together for the day.

Our evening picks are:

Android Apocolypse – Movie Mix, 9pm. Dystopian future run by robots, check. Penal colony escape, check. Man and machine work together to defeat a plan to wipe out all human life, check! This was a ‘limited release’ in 2006, but undeservedly so. Rambunctious saturday nachos and pizza film.

Hellboy II:The Golden Army. ITV1/HD 10.15pm. Enjoy!

Sunday 8th September 2013

To be honest, I’m probably going to be watching the Formula one Grand Prix from Monza (BBC1 from 12.10pm, with the highlights show on bbc3 at 7pm). But there is still a dose of less, well loud, television in the offing. If you would rather you could try Channel 4; with Stardust at 5.20pm or the Gary Oldman remade Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, at 9pm.

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