Sliders Series 4 ON DVD (at long last)



The heavily delayed Sliders ?The Fourth Season is available to own on DVD from Monday 19th May courtesy of Universal-Playback.

Sliders ?Quinn Mallory (Jerry O?onnell ?Scream 2), Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks ?The Bernie Mac Show) and Captain Maggie Becket (Kari Wuher ?Stargate Atlantis) continue to travel through parallel universes in search of a way back home after a botched science experiment trapped the travelling team in alternative worlds.

The fourth season is where the series really tries to develop an ongoing narrative centered round Quinn’s family and who he really is. This series also focus’ on the Kromagg Dynasty

Quinn is told by his newly found mother that he was adopted and from a parallel universe ?the same place from which the Kromagg? originated. Quinn then procedes on a quest to locate Quinn? biological brother that his mother referred to. Quinn believes that he holds the key to the team? home universe.

The crew locate Quinn? brother ?Colin (Charlie O?onnell ?Jerry’s real life brother) in another dimension. Colin explains that his parents sent both Quinn and himself to separate worlds in order to protect them after the family home came under attack by the Kromaggs. With an equal desire to bring down the Kromaggs ?Colin joins forces with the Sliders in search of his birth parents. Together the team hope the parents will have answers to defeating the Kromaggs and finding home.

All 22 episodes of dimension hopping fun are available on DVD from 19th May 2008 ?Sliders Series 4 is a long awaited addition to my collection of the other 3 Sliders series boxed sets.

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