2001? SHREK was a curious beast. Created by DreamWorks rather than Mouse House supremos Pixar, it was an odd, sometimes ungainly CGI extravaganza which managed to work despite some deficiencies in the script department and a ?ook?which just didn? seem right to those of us who? just about become accustomed to the slicker storytelling and more fluid CGI of the likes of TOY STORY and MONSTERS INC. But SHREK was a huge hit and here, inevitably, comes the sequel. Strangely for a sequel, it? a film which isn? bigger and/or better than the first; it? a smaller, more intimate little tale but it? just as funny and ultimately forgettable as the first one.

SHREK 2 carries on more or less where SHREK left off. Our jolly green giant Shrek (Myers) is off on honeymoon with Princess Fio ]]>

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