Sherlock Holmes comes to DVD

Ben Syder in the title role and accompanied by Gareth David-Lloyd as Watson

Sherlock Holmes is back in this sensational, action-packed, rip-roaring adventure

Revolver Entertainment presents ‘mockbuster’ production, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

Not to be outdone by its Hollywood counterpart, Director Rachel Goldenberg brings together an ensemble of talent including Gareth David-Lloyd (TORCHWOOD, DR. WHO) as Watson and newcomer Ben Syder as the adventurous Holmes. Dominic Keating (STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, HEROES, PRISON BREAK) features as their greatest foe.

The plot sees Holmes and his faithful companion, Dr. Watson embark on their most dangerous case yet – saving London from an attack by fearsome monsters. The investigation takes the heroic duo on an incredible journey that sees them do battle with their arch nemesis, the mad mechanical genius Spring-Heeled Jack, who will stop at nothing to bring destruction to London. Holmes and Watson courageously fight to save London and its people from annihilation.

Featuring fantastic special effects of period England being ravaged by dragons, dinosaurs and cyber-men, SHERLOCK HOLMES is a breathtaking adventure.

Filmed in stunning locations across Wales, the film benefits from beautiful scenery that represents the perfect backdrop for the story.

A rip-roaring feast of cinematic fun, SHERLOCK HOLMES is an entertaining period romp featuring assured performances and sharp direction.


– ‘Exile on Baker Street’ – A behind-
the-scenes look at Sherlock Holmes
– Out-takes
– Director’s Commentary
– Trailer

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