One of the better British sitcoms of recent vintage has undoubtedly been SPACED, Channel 4’s wickedly funny slacker comedy about two unlikely flatmates and their circle of bizarre friends and acquaintances. Written by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica (THE ROYLE FAMILY) Stevenson, SPACED was a modern show for modern people, chocful of sly cultural asides and modern media references. It looks like SPACED may have bitten the dust after just two series but the spirit of the show lives on in SHAUN OF THE DEAD, directed by the TV series’ Edgar Wright and starring almost all the original cast. The situation may be somewhat different and the characters variations on a theme but this is SPACED – THE MOVIE in all but name. And hurrah for that because SHAUN OF THE DEAD is a fast-and-furious romzomcom (romantic-zombie- comedy) which shows there is so ]]>

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