Sharknado 5 – Review


Sharknado 5 Global Swarming was:


Sharknado 5 Global Swarming Review
Sharknado 5 Global Swarming Review

In a word, pap, compelling, addictive and mind rotting pap.

The annual event of Sharknado films is not so much about the film itself but the social media ‘nado after (and during discussing how pap these films are). But yes, I still watched it and I will probably watch the 6th one.

Now I liked the first Sharnknado film. It knew what it was, a bit of fun. The Asylum are great and I urge you to look up their previous ‘MockBusters’ usually low budget takes on cinema films with very similar titles. Like “Operation Dunkirk, Alien Convergence, Sinister Squad, Atlantic Rim etc. In addition to their Sharkspoitation movies including the Mega Shark and Sharknado movies.

The idea behind all the Sharknado movies is the same. Get a load of cameo appearances by 1980s or Z List celebs and have them munched by the sharks raining down on a city location, whilst trying to ‘homage’ as many other movies as possible, from the odd one liner to a full on rip off. Yes there is more to it than that, but lets face it not much.

I was going to plot through the Sharknado 5 plot, and I suppose it is suitable to state there might be spoilers here as the plot is so thin that it is hard to discuss the movie without revealing the fact that Finn is a prat and causes the ‘world ending’ Sharknado epidemic by removing an artifact from under Stonehenge, for no good reason. Then has his son snatched by the storm which he chases for the rest of the movie and finds he is able to teleport to other locations through the sharknado. Leading to lots of locations, lots of ‘celebrity’ deaths, lots of stating “I am sure I should know who that is” due to the fact they have a tonne of plastic surgery, cannot act and have a small speaking part in the film.

The films climax is a bit baffling and ends up doing a timey wimey ending setting up for Sharknado 6.


Now I am sure that with the given budget etc that a little more plotting could be involved without losing the kitch appeal that the film franchise has amassed. I really wanted to like this sequel but I found it painful in places.

Yes I will watch 6 and no I won’t expect any better, but I really HOPE to see better.






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