Sequel to Gareth Edwards’ Monsters Starts Filming


Vertigo Films are excited to announce principal photography of their forthcoming movie Monsters: Dark Continent on 25th of March 2013.

Monsters: Dark Continent will be the feature debut of Tom Green who has previously directed the E4 cult hit Misfits with the script written by Jay Basu. The film is a coproduction between Vertigo Films and 42.

The movie is a continuation to Gareth Edwards‘ 2010 international hit Monsters that starred Scoot McNairy. Edwards was nominated for a BAFTA and the film has won four British Independent Film Awards along with many international accolades.

It is some years after the events of MONSTERS. There are Infected Zones all over the world. US military forces are fighting Monsters, attempting to wipe them out. They are met with resistance but it’s not just from the Monsters. The cast includes Johnny Harris (London To Brighton, Welcome To The Punch) Sam Keeley (What Richard Did) and Joe Dempsie (Game Of Thrones) with Edwards and McNairy returning as exec producers.

Producer Allan Niblo for Vertigo comments, “Monsters: Dark Continent is a sci-fi action film that remains true to the artistry and intelligence of its prequel Monsters as well as providing the excitement, thrills and set pieces of a genre film. We’re very excited to see Tom Greens vision unfold”.

Producer James Richardson adds “We are delighted to be working with this incredible new team – Ben and Rory are two very talented producers, Jay has written an excellent script, we have a brilliant cast and Tom is one of the most exciting new directors coming out of the UK.”

Ben Pugh, co producing states, “Gareth Edwards created a rich and evocative sci-fi world with Monsters and it’s a privilege to go deeper into that world for Monsters: Dark Continent with Tom Green, Vertigo and a very exciting cast”.

Filming will take place in Jordan for five weeks and a week in Detroit. Vertigo Distribution will release in the UK with Protagonist handling international.

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