See Being Human Series 2 First!!!


An exclusive screening of episode one of the new series of Being Human is being organised… and YOU could be there!
Aidan Turner who plays Mitchell (the vampire) has recorded a special video message about it for the Being Human blog ( which you can check out below.

The screening will take place at a London cinema on the evening of January 7th, 2010 and BBC Three are giving away free tickets to you guys, the fans, to claim on a first-come-first-served basis.
The tickets will be available from 10am on Thursday 10th December – just head to
This will be, without doubt, the hottest Being Human event of the year. Those who manage to get their hands on a pair of tickets (yes you even get to bring a friend) will get to see episode one of the new series before it’s released on TV. And there might even be a few ‘special guests’ to surprise you on the evening.
But hold your horses because they’re not letting go of these tickets just yet… you’ll have to wait until Thursday 10am to get them.

Being Human Series 2 Poster
Being Human Series 2 Poster

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