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One of the most awaited DVDs ever is now here:
For a bargin ?6.99 you can own the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set – free postage!

Our spys traveled back to Victorian London (AKA Swansea) to watch filming of the new Doctor Who Series, look out for a site report and exclusive photos soon!

Doctor Who: Faith Stealer – the new Paul McGann Doctor Who audio is now available: – Save ? on RRP

Love your Audios?
Well we are currently sitting on some news relating to a new audio production company with loads of promise. I am sworn to secrecy but thouse who love Scifi audio keep an eye out on our news pages over the next week or two.

The Locals DVD Winners
1) Sean Parslow, Norfolk
2)Laura, Worcestershire
3) TBA
If you are not a winner you can rent this DVD Video Island – use this link and get free rental.

Pitch Black DVD Winner:
Perl, Portsmouth
– If you are not Perl you can buy this DVD for ?2,99 at

Dark Fury Winner:
Emma, Yorkshire
– If you are not Emma you can buy this DVD at

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