Scifind Exclusive Doctor Who Casting Announcement.


A world of speculation has passed and in around 24 hours time the world will know the identity of the actor that will play The Doctor in the 2014 series.

We can now exclusivly announce that the Doctor will NOT be played by Sue Perkins.

Yes we have championed the TV host for nearly six months to take the role. But keen eyed Scifind readers would have spotted our original intent in the casting wish. That she would be an excellent choice to front a new Doctor Who Unbound audio should Big Finish ever release more.

This fact was completly ignored by the main stream media when they referred to the campaign.

Sue Perkins was never ‘attached’ to the role. In fact (as far as I know) the only comment she ever passed on the suggestion was she was that she was ‘Flattered’.  I don’t know if she would have wanted the role.

Yes, when it was announced that Matt Smith was stepping down we had some fun and extended the campaign to cover the TV role. But the seed was set in February. It was a fun ride.

We are seriously considering resurrecting the original campaign when we have all been put out of our misery tomorrow.

What I can say for certain is that Big Finish have confirmed to us that they have never intended to produce more Unbound audios and the interest Scifind generated did not have enough impact to change this decision.

What we would love to do is reverse this. Show there is enough interest that Big Finish might consider putting a #DoctorSue audio up for crowd funding should they get the actress’ interest in the project.

See the original campaign here

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