SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival April 2010


The 9th SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival?s programme is announced today with a stellar line-up, including over 40 features, 25 shorts and standout special events, live panel discussions and workshops. Under the banner of ?Life in 2050? SCI-FI-LONDON will take place from Wednesday 28th April to Monday 3rd May 2010 at the Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus with satellite events taking place at the Curzon Soho, The Royal College of Surgeons, BFI Southbank and Proud Central Gallery.

The festival opens on 28th April with genetic sci-fi horror SPLICE written and directed by Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Cypher), exec produced by Guillermo del Toro (Pan?s Labyrinth, Hellboy) and staring Adrien Brody (The Pianist, King Kong). This controversial film about DNA splicing won rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival so you don?t want to miss its London debut. Closing the festival on 3rd May is atmospheric space thriller from Switzerland, CARGO, helmed by first time feature directors Ivan Engler and Ralph Etter. A film lauded in early reviews as a sci-fi epic in the making, it will receive its UK premiere at the festival.

On opening night the festival will play host to the Arthur C Clarke Awards 2010, the annual event that awards a prize to the best science fiction novel of 2009. This year the winner will receive a cheque for ?2010. SCI-FI-LONDON will also announce the winner of their 48 Hour Film Challenge which took place in London from 10th-12th April and the winning film will be screened at the opening gala.

For the 2010 festival SCI-FI-LONDON boasts a further 12 UK premieres from exciting new Sci-Fi filmmakers across the globe. From the US comes black comedy DRONES, indie alien flick EARTHLING, Sci-Fi Rom-Com TIMER, Vincenzo Natali?s offbeat charmer NOTHING as well as the debut feature from Sandy Collora HUNTER PREY, who made the legendary fan film BATMAN: DEAD END. You can also catch a sneak peek of the Philip K. Dick adaptation RADIO FREE ALBERMUTH staring Alanis Morrisette before its official premiere in the States.
From Mexico there?s clone actioner DEPOSITARIOS and dystopian drama 2033, and from Hungary the surreal thriller ONE and TRANSMISSION – a meditation on a world where all technology has failed. Other features playing include Belgium mockumentary VAMPIRES, futuristic visions from Australia in ERASER CHILDREN and the concept of a ?virtual country? is explored in France?s 8th WONDERLAND.

The ?Focus on Poland? strand, supported by the Polish Cultural Institute, will celebrate classic Polish Sci-Fi. Films include the landmark TEST PILOTA PIRXA (1978), the Szulkin masterpiece GOLEM (1980) and a rare opportunity to see the dark sci-fi based on the Stanislaw Lem novel THE HOSPITAL OF TRANSFIGURATION (1979). The season will be introduced and discussed by novelist and designer Andrzej Klimowski.

On Friday 30th April Curzon Midnight Movies and SCI-FI-LONDON will present Sexed-Up Sci-Fi, a night of themed cocktails, live music and screening of the ultimate cult sci-fi, BARBARELLA at the Curzon Soho. The party will continue at the Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus on Saturday 1st May when Bollywood does sci-fi in LOVE STORY 2050 – an all-singing, all-dancing sci-fi musical extravaganza featuring special effects from Weta. Free Indian snacks will be provided in the intermission.

For the first time SCI-FI-LONDON will be hosting a unique art exhibit as part of the festival. LIFE IN 2050 is a contemporary art exhibition at Proud Central Gallery where SCI-FI-LONDON and graphic design studio Transmission has set the dial to 40 years from now and commissioned 22 exciting artists to each create thought provoking and original work. It launches on April 22nd

SCI-FI-LONDON has a strong tradition of spectacular All-Nighter events and 2010 is no exception! The Starcraft II All-Nighter (SCREAMERS/INDEPENDENCE DAY/THE ABYSS/STARSHIP TROOPERS) celebrates the release of Blizzard?s ?Starcraft II ? The Wings of Liberty? with movies full of mecha, monsters and macho dialogue and the Comedy All-Nighter (SALUTE OF THE JUGGER/ALIEN FACTOR/THE UNEARTHLY/FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS) brings together some of the worst films ever made with live comedy and entertainment from the best in London stand-up talent. The Japan Alive All-Nighter (TOKYO GORE SCHOOL/ KAMUI/TAJOMURI/CHANBARA STRIPTEASE) features four live-action treats to get your blood boiling and the ever popular Manga All-Nighter (REDLINE/BLEACH II/FATE/STAY NIGHT/MUSASHI) is guaranteed to be a sell-out. All events take place on Saturday 1st May and include complimentary refreshments and special giveaways on the night.

SCI-FI-LONDON will offer a number of FREE events at the festival including a screening of Spielberg?s MINORITY REPORT and children?s screening of the Doctor Who classic DALEKS INVASION EARTH 2150AD. On May 1st The Royal College of Surgeon?s will host a free Film Treatment Workshop and BFI Southbank will encourage budding comic writers to create a ?Manga Mash-up?.

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The SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival runs from Wednesday 28th April to Monday 3rd May 2010
Tickets can be booked online at or by telephone on: 0871 220 6000

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