SCI FI becomes Syfy


The UK SCI FI Channel rebrands to Syfy on the 13 April with the launch of two new exciting premieres. The first is V (Tuesdays at 10pm from April 13) ? a spectacular, effects-laden re-imagining of the iconic ?80s series which debuted to 14 million viewers in the USA.

The show stars LOST?s Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Wolf (of PARTY OF FIVE fame) and sci-fi favourites JOEL GRETSCH (THE 4400) and Morena Baccarin (Joss Whedon?s FIREFLY and SERENITY).

Also launching is HUMAN TARGET (Wednesdays at 10pm from April 14). It attracted over 10 million viewers across the pond and looks set to do great guns for SCI FI in the UK, too.

The action-packed series is based on the DC Comic book character and stars MARK VALLEY (THE 4400 and BOSTON LEGAL), CHI MCBRIDE (PUSHING DAISIES) and the future Mr. Freddy Kruger himself? JACKIE EARLE HALEY (LlTTLE CHILDREN, WATCHMEN and the soon to be released A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET re-make).

Both shows will launch with a double-bill and continue weekly in single episode instalments.

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