. News from Big Finish regarding the new Sapphire and Steel audio ranges.

Mysterious ‘time agents’ Sapphire and Steel are about to be assigned again. Big Finish are delighted to be producing a series of all new adventures on audio. Five new stories – some on double CD and some on single CD – will start to be released later in the year. Writers include David Bishop, Joseph Lidster and Steve Lyons.

Unfortunately, neither Joanna Lumley or David McCallum will be returning to their roles of Sapphire and Steel. David is committed for the foreseeable future to a US TV series and Joanna has decided that she would rather not play Sapphire again. The recasting of the two starring ‘elements’ has yet to be confirmed but we hope to be able to announce some exciting news soon.

We can only reveal a few details of each of the five stories but it can be confirmed that the audio series will NOT be a continuation of the TV series and all the plays will be set prior to the final TV story that saw Sapphire and Steel trapped for all eternity.

In David Bishop? intriguing story, a man is haunted by a girl singing a nursery rhyme on Barbican Underground station. Nearby, Sapphire and Steel? investigation of an old journal from Bethlehem Royal Hospital proves to have potentially lethal results?

An old music box plays a central part in Joseph Lidster? chilling story. In an ordinary suburban house, electrical items are acting erratically. A daisy-chain of events is allowing Time to break through?

In Nigel Fairs?emotionally complex drama, Sapphire and Steel are trapped in a lighthouse during a storm. Its inhabitants harbour terrible secrets?

John Ainsworth? dark tale is set in a modern day prison where Time is breaking down and history appears to be contradicting itself.

In Steve Lyons?atmospheric story, Sapphire, Steel and Gold find themselves on a steam train filled with an unlikely group of passengers who have a macabre connection?

Sapphire and Steel will be available from Big Finish later in 2004. Further details will be announced soon. . ]]>

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