Riddick Competition

To celebrate the impending release of the Cronicles Of Riddick we have some Riddick goodies to give away. We have a copy of Pitch Black – the film where we first met Riddick and the animated tie in Dark Fury. just visit our competitions page https://scifind.com/comp.php to find out more.

Price Comparison

We can now offer a price comparison for all book and a variety of DVDs and videogames.
Under the price of each item on our catalogue there is a comparison link, click this and you will jump to the bottom of the page where there is a price comparison box.
Look at some of the new DVDs to give you an idea. We could save you ??on your favourite DVDs.

The weeks new DVDs

The Simpsons Season 4
Americas number one family in a complete season of episodes

Jonathan Creek – Series 3 And 4
Jonathan Creek and investigative writer Maddy Magellan begin to unravel more mysterious crimes.

Kingdom Hospital – Complete [2004]
Kingdom Hospital is horror novelist Stephen King? adaptation of Danish director Lars Von Trier? cult mini-series

Dungeons And Dragons – Vol. 3
More episodes from the 80s cartoon series which follows the adventures of a group of children as they ride a roller coaster to other worlds.

The Legend Of the Seven Golden Vampires [1974]
Visually stunning horror movie set in 19th century China. Possibly the only film to combine the traditions of a vampire story with Kung Fu.

Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe
All twelve episodes in one box set.

SFW [1995]
Not scifi – but a fantastic film about the price of fame starring Stephen Dorff, Reese Witherspoon.

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