Re:Wired by Alex Keller

Young Adult Steampunk - sequel to Haywired

Re:Wired is a young adult Steampunk novel.

This new novel from Alex Keller follows from Haywired in which we first meet Ludwig von Guggenstein and his brother Hephaestus. Re-Wired starts with the kidnapping of Mandake von Guggenstein (the father of Ludwig and Hephastus) on the day of his execution. The race is on to find him before the city of Beacon is awash with the dreaded robotic HELOTS.

Some established characters from the previous novel mix with a selection of new characters. There are many twists and turns. There is action through out the book on virtually every page.

The characters are totally believable, The Captain (who reminds me of my dad) and Hephaestus being quite witty, but you have to feel sorry for him as the character is laden with heartache and troubles, and is determined to protect his brother Ludwig.

Centering around Ludwig the writing style is fully immersive, you are right there sharing Ludwig’s adventures.

The ending of the novel is entertaining whilst being frustrating for the reader leaving them hungry for more as, without giving too much away, we are set up for the next book in the series.

Re:Wired is an exciting action packed and extremely interesting read.

Both this and the first book in the series Haywired (Alex Keller’s first novel) show a strong positive start for an up and coming author. Re:Wired is available Now

PS any TV executives out there, you could do worse than commission Keller’s work for a TV series.

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