The world is now almost completely infected by the T Virus and almost all of the human population that remain have turned into Zombies (or Biohazards as they are referred in the film. They are ZOMBIES, I seriously don’t like films that take big measures to drop the ‘Z’ word in order to distance them selves from a the genre especially when they snatch so many zombie movie cliches).

Not only have the populus and animals been infected ?but so has the EARTH being left a desolate wasteland. How on earth the T Virus managed to change the world into a desert in just 5 years, puzzled, baffled and then thought this is only a film. But still I would like at least an attempt at an explanation .

Getting back to the plot. 5 years have passed since the last film, Alice (Milla Jovovich) has gone solo as she knows that she is being tracked by the evil UMBRELLA corperation. Carlos (Oded Fehr) along with Clair Redfield (Ali Larter of HEROES and Jay And Silent Bob fame) is now part of a convoy trying to pick up stragglers and get them to a safe haven. UMBRELLA have gone literally underground, trying to find a cure for the epidemic.

The film is a mix of genres, road movie, horror movie, post apocalyptic movie, zombie movie, western (in look) and comic book superhero and borrows cliches from all. Biggest ‘must have’ clich?rom the zombie genres are the ‘guy-who-is-bitten-knows-he-will-turn-but-hides-it’ and the ‘mad-scientist-who-thinks-he-can-control-the-zombies’

Despite the big mix of genres the film is under 90 minutes long, which probably suits the style over content approach to the movie.

The film just about holds its own. Ultimately it falls into being just another chapter in a big story. I am unsure whether I want another Kevin Anderson film of the series, or just an alternate ending that winds up the storyline.

I am actually more interested in the potential of the CGI Resident Evil movie(s), a (all too brief) sneek peek of Resident Evil: Degeneration is included on the DVD.

Other extras include the obligatory director’s commentary and cut scenes.

In all, I enjoy the Resident Evil films, and this is just another step in the series.

If there were another film I would see it, I may even buy the DVD, but I am longing for the Romero zombies to rear their decaying faces in Diary Of The Dead later this year.


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