James Lovegrove is Policing the damned!


Redlaw Available from 1st October 2011 - Click Image to Order
Marginalised rioters smash up their filthy ghettos in the heart of London; an underclass long dispossessed and reviled. But these aren?t hoodies and chavs, these are the demons among us, the strigoi … vampires.
It takes a special kind of ?community policeman? to bring law to the dark streets of the vampire ghettos. Captain John Redlaw is that man.

London?s most feared and respected officer for SHADE ? Sunless Housing And Disclosure Executive ? Redlaw must try and keep the peace as the strigoi slums erupt and angry humans overreact with violence of their own.

A fascinating world where vampires and humans live side-by-side, but not happily, Redlaw is the latest from the New York Times best-selling author of the hit Pantheon Trilogy: The Age of Ra, The Age of Zeus, and The Age of Odin ? prepare for 2011?s most striking new take on the vampire mythos.
As part of Solaris? on-going READ ANYTHING campaign, Redlaw will be available as an eBook in multiple platforms on the same day as the print version hits the shelves.

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