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The Rise of Darkus by Josh Hamilton
The Rise of Darkus by Josh Hamilton

The Rise of Darkus is a Scifi / Action novel by Josh Hamilton who is often known by the name Ticker Twizted.

Josh is not just an author but a lead singer in a rock and roll band, cinematographer, composer and artist

You can read the first chapter of The Rise of Darkus by Josh Hamilton as a free PDF here: Rise of Darkus preview

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The Rise of Darkus Synopsis

An abomination named Darkus rises from his cadaver table to take his first breath of life and plunge into the land of Remains; a world that thrives on law, order, and Sacred practices. He is quick to discover that he was designed by a humanoid named Azoth Tinkarius whom was banned by his kind for practicing reanimation, using all three practices (Mechanics, Biology, Alchemy) combine. The land of Remains only permits one practice per tribe and has banned the infusion of multiple, sentencing Tinkarius to death. Tinkarius goes into hiding wilds building an army of bizarre monsters, saving Darkus for last to lead the way. Instead of obeying orders Darkus paves his own path in search of his creator. Darkus must conquer his way through the dark world of Remains and prove his dominance over the cultures rich in greed and control to find his creator and unmask the truth of his existence.

About Josh R. Hamilton

To learn more about Josh Hamilton you can read an interview with him here

Rise of Darkus Back Cover
Rise of Darkus Back Cover

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