Preorder Nintendo DSi – New for 2009


Nintendo DSi Black - Also available in white
Nintendo DSi Black - Also available in white
GAME now has the new handheld Nintendo DS console – the Nintendo DSi available to Preorder!

And it looks delicious.

The Nintendo DSi cranks up the DS from the Nintendo DS lite and packs in the following features in to the new slimmer DSI console turning the ‘gameboy’ it into an impressive new super powered multimedia machine. The Nintendo DSi will be available in either matt black or stark white, and already looks like being the best Nintendo handheld ever!


Nintendo DSi features
Nintendo DSi features

Nintendo DSi Features

Skinnier than the DS Lite: The Nintendo DSi is 12% slimmer.

Two cameras: The DSi boasts a 0.3 megapixel digital camera for 640 x 480 pixel pictures, and a camera in the hinge that acts as a webcam. You can even edit pictures on the DSi touch screens!

Built-in DSi web browser: Surf the net on your DSi right out of the box!

Play download games: Using DSWare, a new service for DSi owners that operates using current Wii Points.

DSi SD Memory Card: Replaces the GBA Slot of the DS Lite.

Improved audio options: The DSi features pitch & playback options.

Improved speakers: For better sound quality.

Extended DSi stylus: The DSi stylus is now 4.5mm longer


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