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Shipwreck Hideout Lego Playset
Shipwreck Hideout Lego Playset

I have been taken back to my youth with news of this fantastic revived lego line. I am still loving lego now – even though I am in my 30s – and not just the Star Wars stuff. Castle and Robin Hood lego were the toys of choice in the day, now the Pirates are back!

Pirate Lego is here with the legendary Brickbeard sailing the Seven LEGO Seas looking for treasure and adventure. With 8 brand new LEGO Pirate sets launching in 2009. (yes THIS YEAR, just in case you haven’t gotten used to the idea that a new year has rolled on).

At the top end (nearly 50quid) we have Brickbeards Bounty a fantastic set that includes 3 pull-action cannons, removable captains quarters, 4 pirates, 2 soldiers, Admirals daughter, monkey, shark and a mermaid! The wonderfully named ship measures 22″ (56cm) long and over 17″ (44cm) tall! More details on this lego pirate set here

For less than 2 pounds you can choose from the minifigs Soldier’s Arsenal (soldier minifigure and assorted arsenal accessories: revolver, musket, back pack and sword!) or the Pirate Survival Set (Includes pirate minifigure and assorted survival accessories: revolver, stick, and a fish to eat, storage box, pick axe, snake and 2 gems!) More details on these lego pirate sets here

Check out the official lego website for all information and to buy these products

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