Pandorum DVD Cover
Pandorum DVD Cover

Pandorum is a scifi movie starring Eddie Rouse, Dennis Quaid, Cung Le, Norman Reedus and Ben Foster. The cast is good, the special effects are excellent and the story is good, so why do I feel short changed after seeing the film.

The story follows the awakening of crew members from hypersleep and their disorientation is met with mutants. It is a case of fighting for their lives as they try to remember who they are and what their mission is. To get a flavour of what the film is aiming for you should see Event Horison and Sunshine first. It is this sort of comparison that really puts this film into the shade.

This is one of those films that may have really spun you with the twisty ending – which stands well if not for the fact I personally had just about had enough of the film by the end. The dark corridors, mutants, combat sequences try to drag the viewer along instead of sweeping them along for the ride.

This would have been a much better film with a slight shift of focus. Maybe with a change of writer or director it may have been much better.

That said, worth a look. Just don’t expect too much.

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