Open Letter To The BBC


As has been noted, the BBC is now broadcasting the new series of Doctor Who on Saturday nights on BBC 1 in the UK.

Doctor Who represents a fair chunk of BBC Drama budget and is a flagship show for the BBC.

Yesterday, Saturday the 24th April 2010, saw the 4th instalment of the new series. This episode, the first of a two part story, was almost the best show of the new series. But we were severely let down, not by the direction, acting, scripting or special effects, but by a simple error in presentation by the BBC.

During the tense closing seconds of this episode during the cliffhanger that Doctor Who does so well the BBC chose to place a large, gaudy banner promoting the next show.

Not only did this kill the tension it gave forewarning that this was a two parter and kill the shock of the cliff hanger ending (not all who watch the program know the sequence of episodes). It was completely unnecessary. If this were placed over the credits while those who watch jaw dropped wondering what is to happen there would be no problem. But really BBC what is the point of putting this obstructive graffiti over a prime piece of TV.

Disappointed in the BBC breaking the magic of Doctor Who.

Brian Edwards

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