On Mars: Pathfinder

On Mars: Pathfinder
On Mars: Pathfinder

On Mars: Pathfinder is the first book of The Mike Lane Stories by Jim Melanson.

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Mike Lane journeys millions of miles, to officially become the first man to make it to Mars. After months in space, he arrives safely; only to have his spacecraft explode within six minutes after landing. It turns out he isn’t alone on Mars … and he isn’t welcome.

The Corporation had to prove that humans could indeed survive on the red planet alone. The plan was set for Mike Lane to live on Mars by himself for six years, until the first full colony team was sent; however, as with anything in life, plans changed …

While Lane survives the explosion of his spacecraft, the next string of events would leave him frustrated, confused, and shocked.

3,000 kilometers away, in a secret underground base, a beautiful alien-human hybrid woman observes Lane. As she watches, she admires his bravery, and his resolve.

Much, much closer, a vicious Drone is watching him as well, but for a different reason. It has to kill the human … but the hybrid woman watching will never let that happen.

Evil aliens; good aliens; turns out, Mars is actually a pretty busy planet.

… and let’s not forget the North Koreans.



Jim Melanson Author Of On Mars
Jim Melanson Author Of On Mars

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