New Horror DVDs for 2008



Momentum Pictures is releasing 2 new horror films on DVD this March 2008. These diabolically fiendish horrors will tempt the most fervent horror fans and are chilling enough for the very fires of hell! Mark your calendar – March is the month of paranoia, intensity, possession and revenge. You have been warned!


Starring Dominique Swain (Lolita, Face/Off), Maggie Castle (The Woods, The House) and Regan Pasternak (Breach), Dead Mary, a film that tells the terrifying tale of a journey that starts in the woods and ends in hell.

For Kim (Dominique Swain) it was supposed to be the perfect reunion and weekend getaway. She and her best friends drive to a remote lakeside cabin to reminisce about their college days. When the group decides to play the ghoulish game “Dead Mary” they mistakenly unleash a vengeful spirit that possesses them one by one. As the demon forces them to turn on one another, each is faced with a sickening choice. Would you hack your best friend to pieces to ensure your own survival? Well…..would you?


Based on fact and filmed under the supervision of the Catholic Bishop Jason Spadafore, Blackwater Valley Exorcism journeys into the true heart of darkness, where anybody? soul is corruptible. Directed by Ethan Wiley (Children of the Corn), the film stars Cameron Daddo (Inland Empire), Jeffrey Combs (The 4400, House on Haunted Hill) and James Russo (Open Range, Donnie Brasco).

Emotionally disturbed Isabelle is locked in a fierce battle with a vicious demon that? hell-bent on owning her soul. Desperate to bring her back from the tangle of evil, the family calls on Jacob, the troubled local priest, to perform an exorcism. In a race against time and terror, he must wrestle his own dark demons before he can save Isabelle. But she isn? the only one who needs savingz/p>
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