NEW Genre Magazine On Horizon

SFBuzz Preview Magazine.
SFBuzz Preview Magazine.

All the pieces are in place, a new dawn is coming. SFBuzz Magazine will live!

What is SFBuzz Magazine?

SFBuzz Magazine‘s mission is to create a monthly Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror fiction magazine, available online for tablets, Smart phones, PC and Mac The magazine will include; Features written by genre authors; Interviews with genre authors, games and movie makers; Original short fiction, unpublished in other places. Familiar names and the opportunity to find something new.

We have a preview magazine already – please see here –

This is only a tiny fraction of the finished product.
The ongoing magazine will be made up of a mix of 4 (or more) science fiction / horror or fantasy short stories, features exploring the genres and their fans. There will also be interviews with writers, film makers, games makers and all other players in the industry. The content will be produced by established writers in the genre. The full magazine will be around 80 pages, full colour PDF.

Who Is Involved?

Brian Edwards

Brian founded after university, studying Molecular Biology and Genetics. Brian’s adventures in the lab rekindled his love of science fiction and led indirectly to him deciding to form his own online marketing company. Scifind followed and now he spends his time working on and most importantly, the SF Buzz. As the editor and founder, Brian is responsible for the magazine’s direction and vision. He tweets too much @scifind

Alasdair Stuart

This man is mega cool – deep breath – he is a freelance genre fiction journalist who writes regularly for SFX, Bleeding Cool, How It Works, Neo, Comic Heroes and

He also hosts the Parsec-award winning podcast Pseudopod and co-hosts it’s sister show, Escape Pod as well as working as an RPG module designer, most recently for the Cubicle 7 Primeval RPG. – phew.

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Helen Armfield

A journalist/writer/broadcaster since 1991 (then specialising in magic, music & tech) Helen moved into copywriting & running her own clothing company.

Recently she shifted her focus to reviews and fiction; now bringing her experiences in print & broadcasting (& her little blue pencil) to bear on a lifelong love of science fiction. (she still does all the other things & rather more, as she likes eating & has a shoe habit to maintain)

Neil Gardner

Starting in local BBC & commercial radio as a technician & working his way up to programme controller, Neil has worked in professional radio for 24 years. He is a multiple award-winning radio writer & director, Radio producer & editor; & has over 150 audiobook titles to his name.

Neil has a love of sci-fi and comedy, is a regular contributor to & has written the Bumper Book of Ficts illustrated by one Robert Rankin!

Alan Baxter

He is the author of the contemporary dark fantasy thriller novels, RealmShift and MageSign; & over 40 short stories which have appeared in a variety of journals & anthologies.

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Please find more information on the project here –

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