New Doctor Who With Sylvester McCoy – And Look There Are Some Old Friends!

Eleanor Crooks, Christopher Naylor, Sylvester McCoy
Eleanor Crooks, Christopher Naylor, Sylvester McCoy

The Doctor and his old friends face the infamous Daleks and murderous elves in two brand-new full-cast audio adventures, due for release in November 2022.

Busy boy Sylvester McCoy (See Munsters 2022)  stars in the forthcoming box set, which marks the directorial debut of Bethany Weimers at Big Finish. Christopher Naylor and Eleanor Crooks also reprise the roles of Harry Sullivan and Naomi Cross — UNIT members and former Fourth Doctor companions — who join the Seventh Doctor for the very first time. How? All will be revealed…

Doctor Who — The Seventh Doctor Adventures: Sullivan and Cross — AWOL is now available to pre-order for just £19.99 (collector’s edition 3-discs CD box set + download) or £16.99 (download only), exclusively from

The two action-packed adventures in this box set are as follows:

London Orbital by John Dorney (four parts)

Scream of the Daleks by Lisa McMullin (two parts)

Director Bethany Weimers said: “Aged six, I hid petrified behind a cushion as I watched the Seventh Doctor fight the Daleks. Now, here I am, over 30 years later, directing Sylvester McCoy himself as he once again battles his long-time enemy. As if the Daleks weren’t enough, we also take a trip to Elvish London as it stands on the brink of war. My first time directing for Big Finish has been an absolute privilege. Fantastic cast, wonderful stories and just a lot of fun.”

Eleanor Crooks added: “It’s an exciting prospect for Naomi to re-embark on adventures with the Doctor. You can absolutely tell she’s loving the trio being back together, with a twist of course! It’s so much fun to throw myself back into Naomi and a whole new dimension of unknowns. With a super exciting new storyline, this one is certainly worth the wait!”

Christopher Naylor said: “Poor Harry has found himself rather whizzed around time and space since his path first crossed with the Doctor and things show no sign of stopping! It’s so exciting to be back in the TARDIS with Eleanor and working with Sylvester is a real thrill. I love exploring Harry’s mixture of bewilderment, exasperation, and exhilaration as he and Naomi try to find out exactly where they belong on Earth.”


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