New Blake’s 7 Audio Adaptations


Jacqueline Pearce and Paul Darrow read this thrilling novelisation of four classic Blake’s 7 TV adventures

From the arid wastes of Amersat, Planet of the Dead, to the oceans of acid on the planet Aristos, Roj Blake and his crew on board the Liberator wage a deadly war against the forces of galactic oppression. But now the Federation’s Supreme Commander Servalan and her lieutenant, Space Commander Travis, are launched upon a plan that cannot fail. Their aim – to capture the Liberator and destroy Blake’s Seven!

An unabridged reading of this novelisation of four classic episodes from the much-loved BBC TV series created by Terry Nation, featuring Roj Blake, Kerr Avon and their cohorts as they do battle with the Galactic Federation and its despotic leader, Servalan. The episodes featured in the book are ‘Seek-Locate-Destroy’, ‘Duel’, ‘Project Avalon’ and ‘Orac’.
Readers Jacqueline Pearce and Paul Darrow played Servalan and Avon in the original BBCTV series.

Blake’s 7 (TM) © B7 Enterprises Ltd 2013. All rights reserved. Blake’s 7 wordmark and logo are trademarks of B7 Enterprises Ltd and are used under license. Based on the original television series Blake’s 7 created by Terry Nation.

‘Blake’s 7: Project Avalon’ is available as an audiobook from AudioGO, on CDs from 23rd May or as an audio download, from 1st May.

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