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Ruth Wheeler To Contribute To SFBuzz Magazine.

All Aliens Like Burgers - Audio Book - Duration: 6hrs 42mins, Written by Ruth Wheeler, Read by Debbie Chazen
All Aliens Like Burgers – Audio Book – Duration: 6hrs 42mins, Written by Ruth Wheeler, Read by Debbie Chazen
Ruth Wheeler, author of the acclaimed Truxxe series, has agreed to contribute an original piece of short fiction for the premier issue of SFBuzz Magazine. She will work her own magic of science fiction humour to produce a story complimenting the styles of the other writers involved.

Though diverse in nature, the stories in each issue of SFBuzz magazine will carry a running theme.
The sampler focused on Zombies, the first issue, funded through , will have a flavour of “Steam Punk”.

In addition to the original fiction there will also be interviews with writers, film makers, games
makers and all other players in the industry. The content will be produced by established writers in
the genre. The full magazine will be published in full colour PDF, with other ebook formats available.

The first issue of SFBuzz Magazine will be published late 2013 subject to a crowd funding campaign
through indiegogo

All the pieces are in place, a new dawn is coming. SFBuzz Magazine will live.

Ruth Wheeler
Ruth is the author of the acclaimed Truxxe series that started in 2010 with ‘All Aliens Like Burgers’ followed by ‘Do Aliens Read Sci-fi?’ and concluded in 2013 with ‘When Aliens Play Trumps’.

Having gained a cult following, Ruth’s funny and imaginative novels are a must for anyone who likes a good dose of humour with their sci-fi, taking their influence from the likes of Red Dwarf, Futurama and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…

SFBuzz Magazine
SFBuzz will be Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror fiction magazine, available online for tablets, Smart
phones, PC and Mac The magazine will include; Features written by genre authors; Interviews with genre authors, games and movie makers; Original short fiction, unpublished in other places. Familiar names and the opportunity to find something new.

Indiegogo Campaign
SFBuzz Website

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