NBC Universal has unveiled its first ever short film production created especially for SCI FI Channel in the UK. The 2 minute promotional film, ‘Pr?t a Teleporter’, tells the story of a stressed out office worker who builds a teleportation machine to tackle his problem with punctuality (watch it HERE).
Writer and Director, Steven Skinner, has seen the SCI FI Channel evolve over the years and was keen to stress that his work has moved beyond “just spaceships and aliens”:

“This is a quirky film which includes many traditional ‘sci-fi’ themes; but it’s also entertaining, optimistic, accessible and very much character-driven. I hope it challenges a few tired old prejudices but also brings a smile to peoples’ faces,” he said.

The film was shot over three days in London and stars Kiwi comedian Jarred Christmas.
‘Pr?t a Teleporter’ was produced by NBC Universal’s recently expanded in-house creative team, headed up by Adam Cole (formerly Channel 4/Discovery). Cole’s team is tasked with creating promotional features for the company’s growing portfolio of TV brands.

NBC Universal is investing extensively in new in-house facilities to improve the efficiency and quality of their creative work. Martin Heaton Cooper, the UK Channels MD, says that this new film also serves as showcase for the work that his team can deliver for commercial partners. He said:

“NBC Universal produces, distributes and also broadcasts some of the most popular shows on TV. It really made sense to improve our capability to also produce stunning commercials and trailers within the business.

Clearly this also gives us an edge when helping advertisers to get the best value from our channels; providing both valuable audiences and compelling creative.”

‘Pr?t a Teleporter’ is currently showing on the SCI FI Channel (SKY 129) and will also air across other channels in the NBC Universal portfolio including, Movies 24.

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