Nation of the Third Eye by K.K. Savage


BookCover“Nation of the Third Eye” is a character-driven metaphysical science fiction novel. It is set 150 years in the future in the Solar System. The book starts on the dwarf planet Ceres which has become the main hub of the asteroid mining industries.

When Jac McKay – a 22nd century Astro Police Captain – unexpectedly opens his Third Eye and starts remembering his past lives on Earth, he becomes the target of an unknown power.

As Jac and his friends travel across the Solar System and “beyond”, they have to use all their wits just to stay alive. Without really meaning to, they begin to uncover age-old mysteries – and cannot help but wonder:

How deep does this rabbit hole really go?

The books of K. K. Savage combine metaphysics and science fiction into a new kind of exciting adventure stories. Nation of the Third Eye – the first book in his Higher Reality Series – is now available worldwide.

K. K. Savage has been always passionate about science fiction works that expand your horizons and give you a taste of what life might be tomorrow.

This author has lived on three different continents and speaks several languages. Currently, he resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he is (almost) neighbors with George R.R. Martin.



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