Moribito: Guardian of the Sacret Spirit


Moribito: Guardian of the Sacret Spirit?(???????)
This superb anime series is based on the fantasy novels by Nahoko Uehashi and is about a female spear-woman, Balsa, who becomes the personal bodyguard of the young prince Chagum. His mother leaves him under Balsa?s protection when his own father, the Emperor, decides to kill him. And so the adventures begins?

During 26 episodes you learn why the Emperor wants to kill his own son, find out more about Balsa, her friends and how she became a wandering, spear wielding warrior.
I don?t want to spoil any of the story for you so I will just explain why this anime is something you need to watch.

Seirei no Moribito is one of my all-time favourite anime series and I keep on watching it again and again because of its beautiful drawing style and its love for details (for example: Balsa is sitting on a horse, but the horse is moving and not static). Everything is so alive and detailed, and there are so many things to discover in the background.

The whole style of storytelling might not be to everyone?s liking as it can be a little bit slow sometimes, but is so only to draw your attention to what is going on in the mind of one of the characters. You will be rewarded with some stunningly animated fighting scenes and a fast moving plot.

The series centres around Chagum and what he has to learn about what it means to grow up, friendship, honour, respect and his responsibility as the young prince and possible future Emperor.

It is this depth of story that always fascinates me. You have politics, magic and friendship, as well as action. Also, you don?t have any overly romantic love story in this series which is a nice change since all other movies and series tend to go that cheesy road.
Guardian of the Sacred Spirit is a masterpiece that will keep you glued in front of your screen with a great storyline, fascinating landscapes, beautiful soundtrack and stunning animation.
This Series contains themes which are suited to teenagers and adults rather than younger children.

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