Modiphius to Distribute Elite Dangerous RPG


Elite Dangerous RPG
Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game
Based on Frontier’s successful Elite: Dangerous computer game, the Elite: Dangerous tabletop Role Playing Game lets you explore the deadly galaxy of Elite both in and out of the cockpit. Well-armed commercial spacecraft are as common in the Elite: Dangerous universe as cars in ours, making for a galaxy fraught with conflict.

Own the famous Cobra Mk III, strap yourself in to the hyper-advanced Vulture heavy fighter, or cruise the galaxy in the over-gunned Anaconda cruiser. Explore planets in your SRV, demolish pirate bases in your private tank, or search the ocean floors in the Barracuda submersible. Get hold of the latest weapons and armour for desperate and fraught personal combat, including rare weapons that tip the balance of battle in your favour.

The Elite Dangerous Roleplaying Game is now on Kickstarter and has currently raised £33,000 of it’s £45,000 target. You can find out more and support it here: and download a free Quickstarter here:

Character creation: This ain’t the 1960’s! With corporate instability and a long, long lifespan no one follows a single career path in the 34th century. Create your character from multiple different backgrounds. Be a trained doctor from a rough frontier world who dabbled in gambling before becoming a petty criminal. Or an ex-cheerleader who got politicised in university and now fights the corporations as a fearless freedom fighter. Gain benefits no matter what area of life you came from and then sculpt your character to your liking with independent learning. Improve your skills as you use them, and gain access to Karma Capabilities and Enhancements that give you an edge when you need it the most.

A fortune to be made. Deadly opponents to overcome. Can you be the best? Can you be Elite?

After the delivery of the Kickstarter, Modiphius Entertainment will be distributing the Elite Dangerous tabletop RPG through retail and it will be available from

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