Modern Man – Short Film

Modern Man
Modern Man

Written by Simon Guerrier

Directed by Sebastian Solberg

Last year, accomplished Doctor Who author Simon Guerrier wrote a three minute film, The Plotter, directed by his brother Tom. The Plotters was shortlisted for the 2012 Virgin Media Shorts competition and got widespread screenings in cinemas and on TV. The film was classy and funny, but it just missed out on winning the competition.

Not disheartened, Simon is back writing another film for the 2013 Virgin Media Shorts competition, this year teaming up with director Sebastian Solberg and Producer Jassa Ahluwalia. Modern Man tells the story of an accidental time traveling cavewoman and her chance encounter with Rupert on the day he plans to propose to his girlfriend. Like all the films in this competition, it is short and sharp, but it also incredibly funny and warm-hearted, and what’s more achieves all this without one line of dialogue.

Ramanique Ahluwalia and Sean Knopp are perfect in the main roles of the cavewoman and Rupert, but supporting actors Nathan Byron and Nicola Posener create magic with mere seconds of screen time between them. There is a perfection of performance and direction that can perhaps only ever be achieved in a three minute film (unless your name is Stanley Kubrick). The highest praise I can give to this short is that it made me want to watch it again and again, and then share its brilliance with you.

Because Modern Man’s future isn’t in the hands of a boy genius with a time travel device, it is the hands of its audience. From today, Monday 22 July until Sunday 28 July, all the entries to the Virgin Media Shorts are being shown online, and the shortlist of 12 films for the final will be drawn from those most talked about on Twitter.

So, head on over to, watch Modern Man, and then spread the love over Twitter. Just remember to include the hashtag #VMShortsVote. And, if you have space in those 140 characters, copy @ModernManFilm into your tweet will you’re about it.

As the great Douglas Adams once wrote, share and enjoy.

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