Miss Zombie Queen UK 2010 – Winner Announced


MISS ZOMBIE QUEEN UK 2010 was announced on Wednesday evening as Von, a self-described ?metal-loving, living dead girl? from East London.

Dancing her way to victory with stage blood during the speciality round of the event, Von sent both the judges and the crowd wild to walk away with the inaugural Miss Zombie Queen UK beauty pageant title as well as cash and voucher prizes and the chance to appear in Warren Speed?s sequel to Zombie Women of Satan, released on DVD June 21 by Revolver Entertainment.

Winner Von, in the speciality round, performed a Zombie school?girl strip with a bottle of fake blood to the sound of Rob Zombies??Living Dead Girl? .

The two runners-up were Misty Moores (an ?undercover agent and all round swell gal? who likes ?likes swinging, jiving, ducking and diving,?) and Collette Von Tora who described herself as a ?Zombie freak extraordinaire who has been to BOTH Manchester Zombie walks and has recently been a regular Zombie for the ‘How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse’ show.

The first ever MISS ZOMBIE QUEEN UK beauty pageant was held at The Cobden Club on Wednesday 16th June in association with Revolver Entertainment to celebrate the DVD release of Zombie Women of Satan on June 21st 2010.

Ten finalists were chosen for the judging finals held in front of a hugely enthusiastic crowd and official judges who included Total Film online editor Sam Ashurst, glam model and ?Chelsea?s fittest fan? Victoria Shelley and the film?s lead actress, Victoria Hopkins.

The finalists were judged on various categories, including their ?zombie-ness?, their special skills (which included piano playing, escaping from a strait jacket, zombie painting and burlesque routines), overall sexiness as well as their answers to the questions posed to them by the show?s host, Pervo the Clown (aka Warren Speed, the film?s writer, director and star).
Revolver Entertainment?s Home Entertainment Marketing Manager Mike Hewitt commented; ?With Warren Speed, the film?s director, being a well-known male burlesque performer around the UK, we were proud to have staged the UK?s first ever Miss Zombie Queen beauty pageant to help promote the release of his film?.

?We were inundated with applications from girls willing to take part, and selecting all of the entrants down to the final ten proved to be a hard task. However, we are delighted with all of our final contestants, and the evening proved to be such a success, we are already looking at hosting another event next year and making this an annual event.?

The evening was also supported with burlesque performance from Banbury Cross, Hell?s Belle, Betty D?Light and Marnie Scarlett as well as a live performance from the rock group Killer B-Movie.

Watch the short teaser clip of the event here (full video from Moday 21st June); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl2D3K6RKug

Zombie Women of Satan is released on DVD on June 21st from Revolver Entertainment, rated 18, priced ?12.99 RRP, available in HMV and online through HMV, Play and Amazon.co.uk.

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