Mimic – First Time on Blu-Ray this Halloween


This halloween sees science fiction and horror smash together MIMIC: SPECIAL EDITION, from superstar director Guillermo Del Toro, is released on Blu-ray for the first time on 31 October, 2011, courtesy of Studiocanal.

Originally released cinemas in 1997, this effectively creepy sci-fi horror was Del Toro?s first foray into American cinema and provided English-speaking audiences with an early glimpse of the genius that was to follow in modern classics as diverse as Pan?s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Blade II. This brand new version, re-cut by Guillermo Del Toro himself, is a revelation!

Cockroaches are spreading a deadly disease around Manhattan, claiming the lives of the city?s children. Entomologist Susan Tyler (Mira Sorvino – Mighty Aphrodite, Reservation Road) and her husband Peter Mann (Jeremy Northam ? Enigma, Gosford Park) use genetic engineering to create the Judas Breed to kill off the deadly cockroaches. However, this deadly strain of insect evolves over time, growing as big as people and learning to mimic their movements. The perfect killer is born and humanity is its hunting ground…

A success in its own right, MIMIC: SPECIAL EDITION nevertheless transforms Del Toro?s original into a new feature, much closer to his original vision What?s more, packed with brand new extra features, MIMIC: SPECIAL EDITION is a genuine gift to horror and Del Toro fans this Halloween.

Extras: Video prologue with Guillermo Del Toro, Audio commentary with Guillermo Del Toro, ?Reclaiming Mimic featurette, ?A Leap In Evolution ? The Creatures of Mimic? featurette, ?Back Into The Tunnels ? Shooting Mimic? featurette, Deleted scenes, Storyboard animatics, Gag reel, Theatrical Trailer

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