MASK 1980s Cartoon Complete DVD Collection

MASK - Shoehorned acronym responsible for my bad spelling!

This TV cartoon series / Toy line device prevalent in the 1980’s. After the sucess of He Man, Transformers and GI Joe there had to come one that was just as cool (if not cooler) but not remembered with the affection (or Hollywood adventures) of the former.

I loved M.A.S.K. , Cartoon, Comics and action figures. I bought the ‘movie’ on VHS. I lost the little plastic missiles trying to fire them at my little brother.

This 8 disc collection has 25 hours of animated adventures so that I can relive my childhood.

If you don’t know what it is about read on. If you do, Buy The DVDs.

While investigating the mysterious death of his brother, MATT TRAKKER uncovers an international organization known as VENOM, dedicated to nefarious criminal activities in every corner of the world. Driven by his quest to know the truth about his brother s demise, Matt gathers together a number of friends who, like himself, are ordinary people who possess extraordinary talents, and creates MASK. Their objective: to destroy VENOM and its mastermind, the abominable MILES MAYHEM.

Joined by his young son SCOTT and his faithful robot T-BOB, Matt s conspirators in MASK include: BRUCE SATO, an inventor of outlandish children s toys who serves as MASK s engineer and mechanic; HONDO MacLEAN, an ordinary history teacher whose courage and fearlessness make him an integral part of MASK; BUDDY HAWKS, garage mechanic; BRAD TURNER, an outrageous rock musician; ALEX SECTOR, a computer expert who, by day, runs a nondescript pet shop; DUSTY HAYES, a pizza vendor whose speciality is auto and marine stunt driving, and the beautiful GLORIA BAKER, a driving school instructor whose superior mastery of the martial arts makes her a lethal weapon.

To keep their identities secret, each member of MASK wears a mask which also provides them with extraordinary powers, including holographic projection, remote control lasers and the MASK agents even have the ability to transform their vehicles into watercrafts and planes. Armed with their super-powered masks and their desire to make the world a safer place, MASK is relentless in its quest against VENOM, and will never rest until Miles Mayhem is brought to justice for his crimes

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