LEGO Universe MMOG


Kick Some Brick in this Online RPG from LEGO
Kick Some Brick in this Online RPG from LEGO
The LEGO Group will soon be launching its first ever MMOG (massively multiplayer online game), called LEGO Universe! The game is currently in BETA testing and pre?order will be coming soon, the game will be available exclusively through and LEGO Brand Retail.

What is LEGO Universe?
Think Lego does World Of Warcraft!
LEGO Universe is the first MMOG for LEGO fans! It’s a giant new online world where players from all over Earth can safely build, play and pal around together!
The game will offer endless building opportunities, both solo and cooperative, to casual enthusiasts and the most advanced LEGO builders. It has no “shelf?life” because the storyline, characters and other content change continuously and evolve over time!

The LEGO Universe Story
Create your own LEGO Universe Minifigure and become your character in an epic battle between good and evil! The in?game action takes place in a world where a dark and destructive force, called the Malestrom, threatens to forever extinguish the light of pure imagination!

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