LEGO Natural History Museum Now Available To Order


Attention all LEGO enthusiasts and history buffs! The long-anticipated LEGO Natural History Museum is now available for order, marking an extraordinary addition to the renowned Modular Buildings collection. This monumental set is a tribute to history and architectural brilliance, offering a unique experience for both builders and collectors alike.

Crafted with a staggering 4014 pieces, the Natural History Museum set invites builders to delve into the past through a meticulously detailed representation of the iconic museum. Boasting an impressive dual-skylight design, the structure allows natural light to grace both levels, casting a radiant glow upon the towering brachiosaurus skeleton and a plethora of precious exhibits within.

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Notably, this set is tailored for adult builders, marked as an 18+ collection. The complexity and intricacy of the design promise a rewarding challenge for those seeking a fulfilling building experience. With 7 intricately designed Minifigures included, this set encapsulates the essence of the museum experience, offering a captivating immersion into the world of historical discovery.

What sets this release apart is not only its astonishing design but also the offering of 2080 LEGO Insiders (rewards) Points with the purchase. This additional perk further sweetens the deal for LEGO enthusiasts, providing an added incentive to add this masterpiece to their collection.

The LEGO Natural History Museum represents a blend of art, history, and architectural ingenuity. Its inclusion in the Modular Buildings series signifies a pivotal moment in LEGO’s dedication to celebrating the wonders of our world’s history.

For fans eager to embark on this remarkable building journey, the Natural History Museum set is now available for order. Embrace the challenge, delve into history, and relish the joys of creating a piece of history in LEGO bricks.

Don’t miss out on this historic opportunity! Order your LEGO Natural History Museum set today and uncover the wonders of the past in brick-built form.

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This article aims to capture the essence of the LEGO Natural History Museum set, emphasizing its historical significance, the thrill of building, and the key features that make it a standout addition to any LEGO enthusiast’s collection.

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