Judge Dredd Megazine Issue 328


Judge Dredd Megazine Issue 328

Published by Rebellion

The latest issue of the 2000AD spin off title is a great companion to the new Dredd 3D film, regardless of whether you’ve seen the movie yet.

Interviews with scriptwriter Alex Garland, star Karl Urban and production artist Jock rub shoulders with a fairly widely syndicated graphic prequel to the movie, setting up the big bad of Ma-Ma in a tale that doesn’t pull any punches. Two new Dredd tales are also begun – the Alan Grant scripted story of Ratfink which promises some underground horrors, and an intriguing death match scenario being staged on the moon.

Ongoing storylines also feature, and the winner of a Judge Dredd short story competition. At 84 pages for just ?5.99, the Megazine is excellent value and a must for any Dredd fan. Highly recommended with or without Slo-Mo.

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