Journey Into Space Relaunched


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The complete first series of this seminal BBC Radio sci-fi drama epic ? plus extra bonus material.

Charles Chilton?s classic radio sci-fi series ?Journey into Space? thrilled listeners between 1953 and 1958, attracting almost eight million people to its gripping tale of the far future and the thrills of interstellar travel ? the last radio programme in the UK to attract a bigger evening audience than television.

The original first series, ?Journey to the Moon?, was lost, but thirteen episodes were re-recorded in 1958 under the title ?Operation Luna?, starring Andrew Faulds as Jet Morgan, Alfie Bass as Lemmy, Guy Kingsley Poynter as Doc, David Williams as Mitch and also featuring David Jacobs.

All thirteen are included here, as well as the sole surviving extract from ?Journey to the Moon? and a special half-hour documentary ?Journey into Space… Again?, featuring clips from the series and interviews with Charles Chilton and members of the cast. Also included on the CD version is a PDF file of a comprehensive 16-page booklet detailing the history of the series, with cast lists and episode guides.

So prepare to blast off for the Moon and experience a voyage of danger and excitement in the company of Captain Jet Morgan and his crew…

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