Two years ago Victor Salva gave the idling horror genre a kick up the cadaver with the original JEEPERS CREEPERS, a terror flick of two halves which managed to be genuinely creepy and itchy for the first reel and then a crushing disappointment later on when the Big Bad turned out to be a rather unconvincing winged monster. Still, it was a lot of fun and failed entirely to demand a sequel. But here’s the sequel anywayond tear my head off and pull me out through a hole in the roof a school bus if it isn’t, like this year’s FINAL DESTINATION 2, a darn sight better than the original. What are the chances of that happening?

It all starts off with a scarecrow in a cornfield. A Hicksville farmer is mightily pissed off when his young son is airlifted by a shrieking caped figure with a rictus grin; yep, the Creeper is back enjoying Day 22 of his 23-day fright fest. Shortly ]]>

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