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James Bond Quantum Of Solace Poster
James Bond Quantum Of Solace Poster

A lot has been said about the new James Bond Film The Quantum of Solace being a re defining of the James Bond genre.

In order to help you make up your mind whilst you watch the Quantum of Solace (and re watch Casino Royale) follows is a list of typical Bondisms, quotes and basically definitions (steriotypes) of the great character that is James Bond.

The Theme ? Who doesn?t immediately think of being a secret agent when they hear just those first few notes of the famous James Bond Theme? Get one of your own to be sure to always make an entrance. Just think the recent ‘The Sun’ newspaper ad for the free MP3 player – note to self find you tube video of the advert.

The Suit ? If you want to be Bond you?re going to have to dress like him and that means a suit and tux. In Ian Fleming?s series Bond usually wore a dark blue suit with a white dress shirt. We?re not saying it has to be blue, but a well-made suit, shirt, tie and shoes is crucial. Better get a tux too, for special occasions. Bond wears Tom Ford in the new movie FYI.

The Drink ? The Vesper Martini cocktail was described in Fleming?s first Bond novel, ?Casino Royale?, as gin, vodka and Kiina Lillet (an aperitif wine which no longer is made). It was named after Bond?s love, Vesper Lynd. Without getting too complicated, go for a dry vodka martini with a twist of lemon. Remember: shaken not stirred. (though ‘experts’ will say this will ‘bruise’ the drink, but they have no soul).

The Car ? While numerous cars, including a Lotus and BMW, have been seen throughout the books and movies there will always be a strong connection between James Bond and the Aston Martin. In Quantum Of Solace Bond will again be seen with the Aston Martin DBS which first appeared in the 2006 Casino Royale. Five of the cars were used in the movie, each worth more than ?100,000.

The Wit ? If you want to be Bond you can?t just rely on your stunning physical strength and skill with a gun to defeat the bad guy and win all the girls. You need some witty one liners to show off that confidence and nonchalance while you?re saving the world. Here?s some examples to get you started on your own.

On whether he prefers blondes or brunettes ??Well, as long as the collar and cuffs match…?? ? Diamonds are Forever

??Shocking! Positively shocking!?? (After knocking a lamp into a bathtub to electrocute a goon) – Goldfinger

Caught by villains in a hotel room with Plenty O?Toole (mini bondism here – always get it on with ladies with cheep sexual puns as names) ? ??Well, I’m afraid you’ve caught me with more than my hands up??. ? Diamonds are Forever

In bed with Dr Christmas Jones (played by Denise Richards) “I thought Christmas only came once a year.” – The World is Not Enough

On famous villain Jaws “He just dropped in for a quick bite” – The Spy Who Loved Me

Explaining why he was caught in bed with a Russian agent, “?I?m just keeping the British end up” – The Spy Who Loved Me

After being tortured in Casino Royale ??Now the whole world’s gonna know that you died scratching my balls!??

The Training ? Clearly Bond is incredibly physically fit and can do everything from running across rooftops chasing the latest villain to leaping from extreme heights on to a moving vehicle. Put down that bag of crisps and pick up the weights. Not only do you need muscle and cardiovascular endurance but you also have to start training in a variety of martial art and hand to hand combat forms!

The Knowledge ? Bond never knows what he?s going to encounter and so needs to know a little about everything. Here are just a few minor things you should probably brush up on:

* Nuclear weapons

* Hostage Negotiation

* Spaceflight

* Smuggling

* Guns, grenades, explosives

* Gambling

* Espionage

* Gold and diamonds

* How a submarine works

* World politics

* Exotic destinations

The Charm ? Yes he goes about killing people on a day to day basis but really Bond can be a very charming man. He knows how to act all different types of people and even treats his enemies with the utmost civility. Must be those English (sic – actually James Bond is Scottish – but I didn’t write all of this) manners.

The Seduction ? Ahh, the seduction. Of course it helps if you already have the looks and the car, but Bond has more than that. His main allure comes from his sophistication and confidence. These along, with his mysterious aura, drive the women wild. Keep the ladies wanting more by treating them well but not giving too much away all at once.

Get more Bond – Quantum Of Solace is out now.

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